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Back to Basics: The Real Costs of a DUI

Preface In the civilian world, there are professions where the impact of DUI conviction might not have an effect on the person’s career.  Not so with the military.  In the military, a DUI conviction is only the beginning, as it … Continue reading

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5 State Tax Considerations For Your Military Transition

Taxes can be a major consideration in your military transition planning.  As I outlined in a previous military pension article, your take-home pay can be up to 40% less than what you see on paper.  Federal taxes are obviously a … Continue reading

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What Military Landlords Should Know About Section 1250 Depreciation

Just because you joined the military, you shouldn’t have to give up the right to buy a house.   While there are many things to consider, you may: Buy a starter home Purchase a home that you plan to live in, … Continue reading

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Military Pension Tax Rates By State

There are several websites with plenty of information on which states tax military pensions, and which ones don’t.  However, when you’re making your post-military decision, taxes on military pensions are only one part of the tax equation.  It’s also important … Continue reading

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