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Why I Became a Financial Planner

As my financial planning practice grows, I’ve noticed that people are asking me how to become a financial planner.  The other day, I answered an email from someone asking how to become a financial planner.  It was at that point … Continue reading

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Why the ‘You Just Gave Uncle Sam an Interest-Free Loan’ Argument Doesn’t Work For Many Transitioning People

Executive Summary Every year at tax time, you see pundits talk about ‘giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan.’  While the concept of lowering tax withholdings is sound, there are several problems with its practice.  In this article, we’ll discuss: The … Continue reading

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Homeowner Insurance Regulatory Offices By State

In a previous article, I described my homeowner’s insurance claim process.  In this article, I discussed how difficult it was to understand what I was entitled to under the law.  I was finally able to reach a better understanding once … Continue reading

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12 Lessons Learned From My Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

Executive Summary This story is about my personal experience in dealing with a homeowner insurance claim for a roof replacement.  Although virtually every other home in my neighborhood experienced the same damage (from a freak hailstorm), my insurance claim became … Continue reading

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