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Roth Conversion of a TSP Account: A Case Study

I’ve written several articles about Roth conversions, particularly tax planning considerations & marginal tax rate impacts.  This article serves as a case study to help visualize how a Roth conversion strategy could work, and how the tax liability can fluctuate … Continue reading

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Back to Basics-What’s Your Marginal Tax Rate?

Tax planning is one of the most fundamental aspects of financial planning.  In fact, many people would argue that financial planning without respect to taxes is not really financial planning.  Yet, in order to fully understand how tax planning works, … Continue reading

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Why the ‘You Just Gave Uncle Sam an Interest-Free Loan’ Argument Doesn’t Work For Many Transitioning People

Executive Summary Every year at tax time, you see pundits talk about ‘giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan.’  While the concept of lowering tax withholdings is sound, there are several problems with its practice.  In this article, we’ll discuss: The … Continue reading

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5 Tax Planning Considerations of a Roth Conversion for Your TSP Account

Introduction Many people have taken advantage of the Roth TSP option since its inception in 2012.  However, there are still many federal employees and service members with most of their retirement savings in traditional accounts.  Naturally, this begs the question: … Continue reading

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TSP Rollover to an IRA Account—Should I do it or Not?

This is a question that I received the other day from someone who has a lot on his plate.  He’s getting his financial life in order and was trying to figure out whether a TSP rollover was the right thing.  … Continue reading

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5 State Tax Considerations For Your Military Transition

Taxes can be a major consideration in your military transition planning.  As I outlined in a previous military pension article, your take-home pay can be up to 40% less than what you see on paper.  Federal taxes are obviously a … Continue reading

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What Military Landlords Should Know About Section 1250 Depreciation

Just because you joined the military, you shouldn’t have to give up the right to buy a house.   While there are many things to consider, you may: Buy a starter home Purchase a home that you plan to live in, … Continue reading

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30 Day Financial Transition Challenge Day 14: Tax Planning & Amended Returns

Welcome to Day Fourteen of the 30-Day Financial Transition Challenge. “Today’s article focuses on your tax situation.  Specifically, we’re going to look at tax planning opportunities and whether you might need to file an amended tax return. Bottom Line Up … Continue reading

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9 Tax Considerations For Transitioning Servicemembers

A transition from active duty is a very turbulent time.  Whether you are retiring, separating, or going to the reserves, there are a lot of financial impacts to your life.  It’s important to take some time to recognize what those … Continue reading

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Amended Returns: Does the IRS Owe You Money?

According to the IRS, 5 million people were expected to file amended tax returns for 2014, out of 131 million original filings. For 2015, the IRS expects over 150 million individual returns, which means even more amended returns can be expected. Continue reading

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