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Thrift Savings Plan Highlights from Director Greg Long

Normally, I write all of my blog posts, based upon research that I’ve personally done. However, last week I received a letter from TSP’s Executive Director, Greg Long. It accompanied the year-end statement, and is normally the type of document most people throw away with junk mail. However, I actually read it. Moreover, I liked what I read, specifically the Myth/Answer section. In case you missed the letter (or threw it away, like I used to do), I’ve recapped the Myth/Answers below for your benefit. Keep in mind, this isn’t the entire letter, and I’m not sure where you could find a copy of it online. Continue reading

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Five Year Plan-Why It’s Important For Every Military Family To Have One

One of the things you should always keep in mind is to have a five year plan. This plan should consist of things you plan to do in the military, as well as post-military, education, financial, and family aspects. Continue reading

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Job Risk Mindset After Retirement – What to Consider When Starting Your Second Career

While I normally try to write to people looking to either retire or separate, this article is intended for people who plan to retire. However, there are some items of consideration for separating members as well. This article is the … Continue reading

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What Will My Military Pension Look Like After Retirement?

One of my friends asked me to write about the impacts to your cash flow when you retire. While your cash flow may go up or down based upon a lot of non-military factors, such as relocation or your follow-on career, this blog post will attempt to address the military-specific changes that occur, and which you should take into account when you’re planning for separation or retirement. Continue reading

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