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Five Fundamentals of Fiscal Fitness #1: Pay Yourself First

Fundamental #1: Pay Yourself First This article, “Pay Yourself First,” is the first in a five-article series that discusses the Five Fundamentals of Fiscal Fitness, designed as a basic starting point to help you take control of your finances.  If … Continue reading

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Does Your Financial Plan Pass the Sleep Test?

Members of the Greatest Generation, my grandparents came of age during the Depression, a period marked by severe distrust of financial institutions and an extreme aversion to risk. After my grandfather died, my grandmother had to manage her finances for the rest of her life, 28 more years. The way she handled her money reflected her upbringing, her deep dislike of risk and her commitment to her goals. Continue reading

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Back to Basics – Emergency Fund: How Much Money Should I Have?

When dealing with money, the most important question is: “How much money do I need to deal with unexpected emergencies?” If you can honestly answer this question and put this amount of money aside to address issues that come up, then the rest of your money should be put to work in low cost, tax-advantaged investments that will grow over time. Continue reading

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