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SGLI After The Military: What Happens?

A common question that I’ve heard is, “What happens to my SGLI when I retire from the military?”

This is a very important question, and one that you should address when you’re looking to either retire or separate. Either way, there may be times where you decide Continue reading

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What’s Your Biggest Concern About Your Military Transition?

Cash flow is king, or so the saying goes. Almost everyone that I’ve talked with has stated cash flow as a concern for their post-active duty life. It seems that a lot of these concerns boil down to two questions: Continue reading

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Why Estate Planning Matters to You in the Military (Even if You Think it Doesn’t)

This article was published a couple of months ago online, but I’ve made some changes specifically to point out how estate planning should matter to you throughout your military career. I was recently at a financial planning conference, when I … Continue reading

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